Conquest Commentary 10: Unholy Alliance

It's the team-up you never thought you'd see: Corey and Neal! Together, they discuss the team-up you never though you'd see: Shang Tsung and Quan Chi!

INTRO 0:06
In each of us there burns the soul of a podcaster. In every generation, a few are chosen to prove it. Long ago that fade compelled two friends to watch the discuss every piece of Mortal Kombat and media they could find.

INTRO 0:21
Now, Corey and Neal must join forces to rewatch every episode of Mortal Kombat conquest in a new way - MK Podquest: Commentaries

Neal 0:35
Should we clap? You're ready to clap.

Corey 0:37
Oh, yeah. Also, says My time is exact

Neal 0:40
DUDE ME TOO Holy shit!

Corey 0:43

Neal 0:44

Corey 0:45
Holy shit. It's not that day of anything. Oh, this is the day of exact time you mother taking a photo on this day in the history. Jimmy Carter. What did he do? Just changed? Happy Birthday Tom Cruise, I guess. Tom Cruise is at the f1 races. Happy birthday, Sebastian Vettel. f1. Guy. It's also his birthday. Oh, you sent a screenshot.

Neal 1:10
I wanted to I wanted to

Corey 1:11
all the imdb links

Unknown Speaker 1:13
All the IMDB links Yeah, man.

Corey 1:15
That's real professional.

Neal 1:16
Exactly. exact time. Maybe for the first time ever?

Neal 1:20
I don't know.

Corey 1:21
Yeah, I've What's weird is we have different you know how it says the difference from time that is was number

Neal 1:27

Corey 1:27
our numbers are different.

Neal 1:28

Corey 1:29
but the time is still exact

Neal 1:30
time is exact. Man. Time is a flat circle something something something

Corey 1:35

Neal 1:35
THE FUCK IS? No, not saying the name out loud of a person in a different Discord server.

Corey 1:40
Yeah, wouldn't do that. Yeah, seems ill advised

Neal 1:42
Not doing that. Alright,

Corey 1:44
just gonna back away from that one for a moment. Do you want to hear the thing that I said that I needed to start another podcast with? It's not the first thing you'd hear. But it's the first point that I wanted to make.

Neal 1:53
Let's hear it.

Corey 1:55

Corey 1:57
I just yelled Vamos really loud

Neal 1:58
it definitely cut out.

Corey 2:01
It's what I did on the other show, I actually rolled back away from my mic as to not blast everybody. Didn't want to blast you. But um, yeah, I just yelled Vamos. Really, Really, really loud.

Neal 2:13
Nice. Whose that?

Corey 2:15
Who is that? That isn't anybody but Carlos Sainz when his first f1 race baby.

Neal 2:21
Oh, yeah. And that's wrong button.

Corey 2:23
Yeah. No, that was an engine sound. That was good.

Neal 2:26
That works. You knowwhat? We're going into the fast Cory corner. Yeah.

Corey 2:33
That was really cool. I'm a big fan of that guy. Love that dude, he had the second longest streak in the history of the sport of not winning a race

Neal 2:41

Corey 2:42
He came- but he came in second a not insignificant amount. So that's finally over. broke that. got the monkey off his back. Is he I mean, I'll plug the podcast I did about this later.

Neal 2:50
But is he on my fantasy f1 team?

Corey 2:53
I don't believe that he is. And also I will say that the guy that I said that you should use unfortunately did not finish this.

Neal 3:00
Bummer. Oh, well

Corey 3:01
granted, the race had six drivers not finished. That was kind of exceptional circumstances.

Neal 3:06

Corey 3:08
Just like everybody's favorite beastly boys.

Neal 3:11
Fuckin' sabotage

Corey 3:13
Yeah, but you also left a bunch of money on the table with that team. You got to like recalibrate.

Neal 3:17

Corey 3:18
You know who else was at the race actually?

Neal 3:20
Besides Tom Cruise? And the beastie boys.

Corey 3:23
And The drivers,

Neal 3:24
the remaining busy boys.

Corey 3:26
Yeah, Keanu. Reeves

Neal 3:28
Keanu Reeves was at the f1 race.

Corey 3:30
Yeah, it was vibing.

Neal 3:31
Tight did you see him? Did you shake hands, you talk to him?

Corey 3:34
Yeah, I flew overseas to go to the race. And then I flew back for this.

Neal 3:38

Corey 3:39
I wish I had that kind of money. You seri- are you kidding me?

Neal 3:42
You should, uh, have- now I know you've been to a track.

Corey 3:45
Yeah. I actually they raced very recently at that track. I just didn't have tickets to go in indy cars about to do their race in Toronto, but I also don't have tickets for that. Now, I've physically been to Daytona, but there wasn't a race happening at the time.

Neal 4:04
What a waste of a trip then.

Corey 4:06
Nah. It was cool.

Neal 4:06
It was pretty cool. I'm sure it was cool.

Corey 4:08
Yeah. It was pretty cool. Yeah, I mean, I would do a live MK podquest at the Daytona 500. If that's what you're

Neal 4:16
the Daytona 500. Yeah, during the race, you just hear-

Corey 4:20

Neal 4:21
Cory What's the fastest desert?

Corey 4:23
Um, I don't know.

Neal 4:26

Corey 4:27

Neal 4:27

Corey 4:28
I don't like that. Are you taking notes at all? I don't like that.

Neal 4:33
What's- what's your favorite one? What's your favorite dessert as fast?

Corey 4:38
Dessert as fast?

Neal 4:40
Yeah, or whatever. what's your what's yours? You just tell a joke

Corey 4:43
Well to appropriately be dessert as fast you shouldn't be eating at all.

Neal 4:48
Oh, hey-ooo

Corey 4:49
that's my joke.

Neal 4:50
And we turn back six pages in sound notes. So I can do this *rimshot*.

Corey 4:53
That's too many pages.

Corey 4:57
It's simply too many pages

Neal 4:59
I'm spread out over too many pages man, I gotta I gotta get

Neal 5:01
I gotta get my life together.

Corey 5:03
Dude, I really got a I gotta figure I gotta get a competing soundboard.

Neal 5:09
Yeah man you do. This is too much work for me too much pressure

Corey 5:13
no just so like but I can just hit you with shit like on unprompted unwarned unknowingly, you know,

Neal 5:21
should we just get into whatever we're supposed to be doing here because

Corey 5:25
let's vamos

Neal 5:27
let's Meringue

Neal 5:28
Mortal Kombat conquest episoooooooo-

Corey 5:30
Meringue? I just met her

Neal 5:32
-ooode 10 unholy alliance. I have a segment a thing that we haven't done on the past couple commentaries because I fucked up and my apologies, Dakota.

Neal 5:47
Oh shit,

Dakota/Neal (Sound Effect) 5:48
The Kombatants of the week! Quan Chi and Shng Tsung and Gen and the Baron Baron. Reyland.

Neal 5:59
Yeah all of them all four them Quan Chi Shang? Tsung Jen and Baron Reyland.

Corey 6:06
Well, Sorta

Neal 6:07
Jen is back. Yeah

Corey 6:09

Neal 6:09
Yeah, they're, I mean, it's phantom versions, I guess, of them. But real enough

Corey 6:14
Marange versions, is that anythng?

Neal 6:16
Yeah, kind of, you know, just empty calories. Sort of Sure.

Corey 6:20
It's the lemon Marang pie of facing your demons.

Neal 6:23
Uh huh. Also,

Corey 6:25
is that anything?

Neal 6:26
Probably let's also just I don't think these numbers are going to change because so much of this as pocket dimension shit, but let's just say I believe we are at 20 confirmed fatalities. No, we've got more than that. Hold on, hold on, hold on. Because we also lost Cassie last episode, right?

Corey 6:43
I would say that. We did first of all, but also, I feel like 20 fatalities in 10 or 11 episodes is a pretty low hit rate for a mortal kombat show.

Neal 6:53
Well, I didn't count any at all for undying dream. Do you remember if anyone died in that one in the Cobalt Mines? Like was

Corey 7:01
like there's that guy.

Neal 7:03

Corey 7:03
he gets hit over the head with a shovel early

Neal 7:05
Burly prisoner? Yeah.

Corey 7:06
He's probably dead

Neal 7:08
burly- yeah he didn't come back. So

Corey 7:10
you're gonna wish you were dead.

Neal 7:13
Alright, so burly prison- barly prisoner killed by shovel and then we've got the

Corey 7:17
well he was killed by Vorpax

Neal 7:19
Killed by shovel by Vorpax

Corey 7:22
Killed by - killed by Vorpax is my favorite fragrance.

Neal 7:29
available in roll on or you know, whatever else

Corey 7:33
aerosols? Verbal. You just want to say it. Yeah, that'll work.

Neal 7:40
That's when you pay someone to spit the fwragrance into your mouth.

Corey 7:43
The 'fwagrrance?

Neal 7:44
Fuck you. Alright, so yeah, I will give them a burly prisoner for sure. And then the woman that seen killed in the alley at the beginning of last episode and Cassie, the flower, the flower salesman, right? She died. None of the monks died.

Neal 8:01
So okay, so that is putting us at 22 fatalities over at that point nine episodes. That's a pretty good. That's it. That's more than two an episode. Right?

Corey 8:10

Neal 8:11
That's an average of like, 2.3 or something? I don't know. 2.2 doesn't matter. We've also got 12 confirmed apples and at least two broken tables

Corey 8:26
I forgot that we were fucking counting the apples, dude.

Neal 8:30
Sometimes you gotta count the apples. So we just like get into this thing.

Corey 8:35
What can apples do for you? Dude?

Neal 8:37
I don't know.

Corey 8:38

Neal 8:40
If you have one a day, you can you can keep those goddamn doctors out of your fucking life.

Corey 8:46
You no longer have to go to UPS. Do you think they have like institutions like that in Outworld? Probably.

Neal 8:57
I would assume they do.

Corey 8:59
Like the Postal Service.

Neal 9:01
Like yeah, it's all privatized, I'm sure. you know?

Corey 9:04
the Postal Service the band.

Neal 9:06
Sure they definitely have the actual band The Postal Service is in Outworld.

Corey 9:12
They are delivering mail.

Neal 9:13
And they do they do in fact deliver packages but it's always like it's you have to be speedy with the delivery because it's always just like body parts that they're shipping around. Right? Like

Corey 9:23

Neal 9:24
like within when there's organ transplants in Outworld. They just like drop like eyes, just loose eyes in an envelope.

Corey 9:31
loose eyes.

Neal 9:34
Should we start this this motherfucker

Corey 9:36
single eyes.

Corey 9:39
So people get to look this up but if you want to hear my What if people want to hear my favorite eyes themed bit of all time, and this is a really specific plug to make cheese but if you if you look up on YouTube, the phrase "dynamic banter open eyes, close eyes," you'll have a great time.

Neal 9:59
Oh I'll put a link in the show notes.

Corey 10:01
Yeah, I'll send it to you later and I will also be watching it later. Cuz it's so funny.

Neal 10:08
I'm just getting queued up here. Are you ready? Cory?

Corey 10:10
Could not be ready- er,

Neal 10:13
Could not be more ready?

Neal 10:15
Sounds like you need to spend a little bit more time getting ready.

Corey 10:18
Readyer? I just, uh, met them...

Neal 10:20
alright ready? Round 10: 3, 2, 1, FIGHT!

Neal 10:33
Can you still

Corey 10:33
commercial Paul just kidding could you imagine

Neal 10:35
is this still coming in super loud for you? On my on my side.

Corey 10:40
No, sir.

Neal 10:41
Okay, good. Making sure Yeah, click this fucker and

Corey 10:47
there's hello it's me. I'm the man I'm the man about town the boss the guy?

Neal 10:52
Why is why is Vorpax like spying on him?

Corey 10:57
Why is he so out of focus?

Neal 10:59
Because of the special effects we got?

Corey 11:01
sure that's true.

Neal 11:01
Shang Tsung summoning green magic in a boom

Corey 11:07
it's crazy. That's how easy it is to send Quan Chi to the world. Well

Neal 11:12
this is the mail this is the mail service who we're talking about. It's like it's very fast

Corey 11:15
postal service they drop a loose villain's into your yeah quantity

Neal 11:19
your area Quan Chi and Siann just got delivered in a giant envelope into the Cobalt Mines

Corey 11:24
Quan Chi just stands there and doesn't turn his head to the left for like an entire minute

Neal 11:30
when he was posing and looking awesome

Corey 11:33
Vorpax is spying cuz she wants to see what's up with our boy

Neal 11:37
our boy Quan Chi

Quan Chi 11:38

Neal 11:39
I'm saying like why wouldn't she just- like she's usually just hanging out with Shang Tsung like

Corey 11:44
Maybe she doesn't- he doesn't know that she's there. Yes, true fear potentially

Shang Tsung 11:48
You are so welcome everywhere else

Neal 11:50
very loud in my ears

Corey 11:52
Turn it down

Neal 11:53
I'm trying - There we go. Didn't fuck anything up for once Oh shit. He just called Siann a harlot.

Corey 12:03
The closed caption there says "sighs in contempt."

Neal 12:08
sighs in contempt. Yeah,

Corey 12:11
that's awesome.

Neal 12:12
The title of his autobiography

Corey 12:17
it's my favorite Avenged Sevenfold song

Neal 12:21
this episode was directed by Charles T. Kanganis, I don't remember that name at all like I don't even remember if we if we gave that name the first time we covered this episode directed seven episodes of According to Jim

Corey 12:41
oh no way we were just talking about According to Jim on they made another one

Neal 12:43
Well this guy directed episodes you probably watched

Corey 12:46
Well, I didn't watch any we talked about but it there was that one of the producers of According to Jim was working on House 2: The Second story

Neal 12:55
nice. He also directed three ninjas kick back and wrote the seminal 1992 classic bikini summer two.

Neal 13:10
Good day

Neal 13:11
Right. Also, have we talked about Adoni Maropis Having been on VIP?

Corey 13:19
I'm sure we have. not recently

Neal 13:22
Because he was definitely on an episode of VIP. That's that's all if you're playing the bingo card. Like that's go ahead and check VIP connection off for this episode.

Neal 13:35
What else do I have. Kearie Peak wrote this episode with Sean Catherine Derrick Kearie Peak is a producer for leverage the librarian three and Who Killed the Electric Car a documentary about somebody who murdered a Tesla. Presumably

Corey 13:57
Can you murder a car?

Neal 13:59
It depends on like, what rights cars have in your place of-

Corey 14:04
You can download cars and you can't download a person so-

Neal 14:07
But you wouldn't download a car.

Corey 14:09
No, but cars don't have rights.

Neal 14:11

Neal 14:12
But media has Rights. ever think about that?

Corey 14:17
Jen? Just like he's he's saying her name. Like he's never talked to her in his life.

Neal 14:25
10 episodes in Kung Lao finally remembered that he had a girlfriend

Corey 14:31
It's like he was- Oh yeah, we got the Goro

Neal 14:33
Yeah, we got some Goro in his flashbacks still all still like some wonky as Goro though it's not like super clear Goro yet, but like when you know, you know, you know,

Corey 14:44
bro is that you're sweating

Neal 14:45
and there yes, there's a CGI Shokan! my favorite. I don't know. I don't know why.

Corey 14:53
That is a needlessly complicated Hourglass.

Neal 14:56
Well, it's magic.

Corey 14:58

Neal 14:59
It's a magic hourglass. So it's that's kind of the crux of the whole episode. Dude, the hourglass.

Corey 15:06
Never heard of it.

Neal 15:07

Corey 15:08
I've never seen the show before actually

Neal 15:10
did you just faked your way through the first run?

Corey 15:13
And what a run I had

Neal 15:16
Like actually that was my twin brother. Dory.

Corey 15:19
No knows my twin brother. Gorbak.

Neal 15:23
He's not even a human. He's a Duman

Quan Chi 15:25
get rid of yours.

Shang Tsung 15:28
Perhaps I will kill them both.

Quan Chi 15:31

Neal 15:33
Love Jennifer Renton getting a credit in the opening again.

Quan Chi 15:37
Spare death. As for Siann, she's had the pleasure. Be gone.

Neal 15:43
Oh, boy. You could just hear all that.

Corey 15:46
Bro. Did you just like collapse out of a chair?

Neal 15:48
No, I turned my microphone. And it doesn't matter. I'm liking this this Quan Chi Vorpax sort of chemistry

Corey 15:59
they're both kind of standing in the same pose. Yeah, so they look over at Shangso yeah, they're just like they'll they did the Sears portrait studio

Neal 16:09
it's yeah, it's it's like a it's like a Prom photo. Yeah. Now let's take one in front of the hourglass.

Corey 16:20
I don't have a corsage but I have six spikes.

Neal 16:23
I've got these spikes on my gauntlets I hope you'd like them

Corey 16:28
They are for me

Neal 16:29
he's like, "bouquet of lizards to eat?"

Neal 16:37
I do like how quickly they were just gonna team these two people up and also ruin it in one episode.

Corey 16:46
It is funny how this is like they just, this shit just don't work, you know?

Neal 16:53

Neal 16:56
that hourglass looks like a smoking device. Like a complicated- something like a caterpillar would use perhaps

Corey 17:07
Yeah, you can, uh - oh do I have a joke for this?

Neal 17:15
You can do it come on. You got it.

Corey 17:18
I believe I'm trying to do a callback to something I set off-mice but I don't remember what it was.

Neal 17:23
Oh its for s- for smoking bad things.

Corey 17:26
Yeah, but what did I say? It doesn't matter. The moments passed. These guys are these guys are staring into their eyes.

Neal 17:33
God the amount of chemistry on screen

Corey 17:36
you can't say somebody's soul his mind. I say that.

Neal 17:41
Just this is a lot. This is a lot. There's a lot in these scenes. But what's interesting is you never see Shang Tsung and Quan Chi like on screen at the same time. Did you notice that?

Corey 17:55
No. They shot it like a Marvel movie

Neal 17:56
I think they might have shot it like a Marvel movie. Yeah.

Corey 17:59
And they shot it in Second Life. That's what that CGI interlued was.

Neal 18:05
Oh shit.

Corey 18:06
I am a girl with amazing moves. I'm gonna start introducing myself to people that way.

Corey 18:12
And what do you do? I'm a girl with amazing moves.

Neal 18:16
Oh, this is the stupid bet Dude, this is the

Corey 18:18
Oh no I forgot

Neal 18:20
That's why they don't fucking notice when he's gone. This is their it's Siro and Taja just turned to be bad for Kung Lao.

Corey 18:27
This is my 911 I don't want this.

Neal 18:32
This is the slave labor. This is the 'Saved By The Bell bet' of an episode.

Corey 18:37

Neal 18:38
God dammit.

Corey 18:41
Why? God dammit.

Corey 18:46
Kung Lao was like "I'm gonna point a knife at my friends" cause they're not tak'

Neal 18:50
They're not taking this serious enough!

Corey 18:52
Are you gonna put in this apple on the list?

Neal 18:54
13 apples. We have 13 apples. We are go- go for apples.

Corey 18:59
Let be in a bad mood. I'm having nightmares again.

Neal 19:03
Dreaming about Goro and not in the fun way.

Corey 19:05
I'm trying to quit smoking.

Neal 19:07
It's tough dude. I was having wild dreams.

Corey 19:13
Did Rayden show up in them?

Neal 19:16
By the way John John Kanangis, the director of this episode, in his last credit was a 2011 Short called "John Delaney died last night" That features one Jeffrey Meek in it.

Corey 19:32
Let's go!

Neal 19:34
Yeah, I want to track this down and watch it. If we can find it anywhere. John Delaney died last night.

Corey 19:41
God Rayden do we have to have this debate again, about the responsibility of being the champion of Mortal Kombat and protecting Earthrealm and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Neal 19:51
Well, every time Kung Lao remembers he had a girlfriend-

Corey 19:55
he doesn't want to do Mortal Kombat anymore.

Neal 19:57
Right? Exactly. Every single time

Corey 20:02
Rayden you're right if we did this every day, nothing would get done and you just whine about it then why are we doing this?

Kung Lao 20:06
We're supposed to be getting these ready for Mortal Kombat, but frankly, I'm gonna wish that fate on anyone

Rayden 20:11
but don't worry so far you haven't.

Neal 20:14
Oh, fucking burn. Rayden just straight up calling him a lazy millennial

Corey 20:29
Jeff Meek in-

Neal 20:30
I'm trying to quit, Jeff Meek I'm trying! It's hard! I'll do it for you, man.

Corey 20:38
This is vintage Jeff Meek.

Neal 20:40
They're really playing with teleporting in this too. It's fun. But yeah, this is um peak meek, if you will.

Corey 20:49
Yeah, that's what the name of the show is now. Yeah. We're taking a Meek Peak

Neal 20:56
That's our podcast where we just watch everything Jeff Meek Has been in

Corey 20:59
That's where we watched like the Delaney the whatever you said

Neal 21:02
John Delaney died last night

Corey 21:03
and the rest of Raven

Neal 21:05
those three episodes of Pacific Blue he was in. Um, other stuff.

Corey 21:16
Damn he's having an existential crises'

Neal 21:19
God, him and me both

Corey 21:21
God Jeff Meek is killing.

Neal 21:22
He's hamming it up in this like crazy.

Corey 21:31
Yeah, you don't get to have dreams.

Neal 21:33
This is Boomer dad energy, though. Like for real.

Corey 21:35

Neal 21:36
Suck it up.

Corey 21:37
It's funny. It's a mix of Boomer dad and Kung Lao being like, why don't I get to do whatever I want without consequences?

Neal 21:44
Sure. Yeah. Yeah.

Corey 21:47
I mean, I think Kung Lao is more in the right, obviously. But also that's because Mortal Kombat isn't real.

Neal 21:54
So you're one of the Mortal Kombat deniers are you like?

Corey 21:57
Yeah, yes.

Neal 22:01
God, the food sounds. I don't like this food sounds.

Corey 22:05
Yeah. So they put a mic inside of his cheek.

Neal 22:07
Not into this. In this context.

Corey 22:14
Man, this sucks. I did not. We did not famously, we didn't enjoy this the first time around.

Neal 22:20
No, no

Corey 22:21
wish I was not here.

Neal 22:23
But you know what? So? So when Taja went missing in the Cobalt Mines, Kung Lao and Siro just had no idea what the fuck was going on, Because they were bad friends, right?

Corey 22:34
Yeah, famously

Neal 22:34
this time, Kung Lao goes missing. can't really fault Taja. I mean, she made a dumb bet and last, but like it's still Siro like Siro still the shitty friend in this right because-

Corey 22:46
Yeah Siro's really good at that.

Neal 22:48
Yeah, he's the common denominator in both

Corey 22:51
"too much salt, try again" it's just a waste of foods, isn't it?

Neal 22:53
Yeah, there's people starving in this -Of course you know, Taja is gonna like

Corey 22:57
there's people starving in the Cobalt Mines

Neal 22:58
Taja's gonna hook somebody up with those leftovers though you know she is. Just got a heart of gold, that one. Oh, this is here's a gross part

Corey 23:06
Hungry hungry. Do you want Taja's food?

Neal 23:10
Do you think that's that's dude, is that Quan Chi that's Quan Chi in the coke already isn't it?

Kung Lao 23:17
Again, no,

Quan Chi 23:19
no, no, no, there is one more

Neal 23:22
this is I think this is Adoni Maropis

Quan Chi 23:28
she will do anything you ask

Neal 23:31

Corey 23:36
No means no, dude.

Neal 23:37

Corey 23:41
You know, he does have a point where he's like, actually, humanity sucks and does bad.

Neal 23:46

Corey and Neal 23:52
Commercial Paul

Neal 23:54
and just in the nick of time

Corey 23:55
The World's greatest looking bumper

Corey 23:58
commercials over

Corey 23:59
needlessly black and white. little purple light instead of the actual light of the Cobalt Mines. Oh, somebody's being choked.

Neal 24:08
Yeah. Well, you'll never know who Paul.

Corey 24:12
No, sorry, Paul. Guess. If you guess Neall, you're more right than you'd think.

Neal 24:21

Corey 24:24

Neal 24:25
I don't know.

Corey 24:26
Zoinks. anyway these dudes are getting their ass beat.

Neal 24:29
Yeah, Kung Lao is kicking ass just beaten up dudes rolling around.

Corey 24:32
He's just two random guys.

Neal 24:34
I know. They're some kind of guards of I guess the sex workers that were being offered to Kung Lao?

Corey 24:39
what I like about when there is a fight in public, in this show is that the bazaar area quickly becomes much more enclosed. The fight set is right, right, right, the walls, the edges become immediately much more

Neal 24:58
where we are no longer in an alley we're in a cul de sac like at the end

Corey 25:02
Yeah we're not in, We're not in an open space. Like that head flip is so fucking cool.

Neal 25:09
And everybody else is left like this was a bustling street right before this fight but everyone else

Corey 25:16
well A fight broke out Neal, don't you run away screaming anytime a fight breaks out?

Neal 25:20
no I don't you stand around and you chant "Fight, fight, fight fight."

Corey 25:24
Have you ever done that? Or a real fight scenario?

Neal 25:26
Yeah, in like high school

Corey 25:28
Yeah? Was it cool?

Neal 25:30

Neal 25:32
Not not fun seeing people get bloody noses like

Corey 25:35
well, why were you chanting that?

Neal 25:37
The people were chanting. I was just kind of there.

Corey 25:39
I asked if you were chanting,

Neal 25:40
I definitely chanted at least once or twice and then I was like, ugh..

Corey 25:43
who among us?

Neal 25:44
See there he is. That's Quan Chi in the in the hood, dude.

Corey 25:48
Yeah, it was such an incredible disguise

Neal 25:49
that was Quan Chi acting in the alleyway.

Corey 25:52
A thin sheet

Corey 25:54
The music cue as if you didn't figure out It was him. It's so funny.

Neal 26:03
You can see him through the sheet you see Siann run up-

Corey 26:05
That's a cool shot. I like the color the light

Neal 26:08
and then boom, it's done. Quan Chi's checking out his hookah.

Corey 26:15
Gravity bong

Neal 26:16

Neal 26:19
Be fucked up if he dropped it.

Corey 26:21
Be fucked up if he smoked a bunch of bong out of it.

Neal 26:25
Smoked a bunch of Bong out of it.

Corey 26:27
Outworld in outworld. They have a drug called bong

Neal 26:30
Called bongggg.

Corey 26:32
Yeah, that's all I'm saying.

Neal 26:35
It's just the burnt ashes of dead people it's not funny. Is this kind of gross?

Neal 26:44
Well look at that dude. Colorful Zhu Zin holy shit

Corey 26:49
Finally we've we fixed humanity by making everything a lot more colorful than it was before and now there's a dog and a tiger there.

Neal 26:57
Yeah, man. This whole

Corey 26:58
remember how hard we lost our shit about the tiger?

Neal 27:01
The actual tiger that's just chillin in there.

Corey 27:04
Yeah, well, it's it's not a wild tiger. Could you imagine if it was just like a loose Tiger

Neal 27:08
You expect like C- like yeah, just like wandered on the set. You expect like weird CGI or something? Right? But this is just fuckin-

Corey 27:16
No they save that for later.

Neal 27:17
This was just a tiger in this, in this version of Zhi Zin that looks like an Arizona Tea can

Corey 27:24
there's something really funny about this like the way this utopian image is just sort of like, you could just get stuff from people. And you can see animals.

Neal 27:35
Yeah, well, it's

Corey 27:36
it's like finally,

Neal 27:38
a socialist paradise is what it is.

Shang Tsung 27:41
Stop distracting me

Vorpax 27:42
I didn't make a sound.

Corey 27:44
Literally all she did was walk into the room.

Neal 27:46
I he I know what- Shang Tsung such a dick. "I'm in my area"

Corey 27:51
"Be silent somewhere else." Okay, now you're distracting him.

Vorpax 27:56
What have you done?

Corey 28:00
Quick we need some exposition.

Neal 28:02
Do you think Tracy Douglas wouldn't marry me?

Corey 28:06
Um, I don't know. I don't really know what her situation is right now.

Neal 28:11

Corey 28:13
I will say do we think that there is a chance that she is asking him all of these questions in a specific attempt to distract him from being good at this right now?

Neal 28:21
That's a you know, that's possibility

Corey 28:22
just seem like no way. Vorpax She is sort of feigning intrigue, right? Just something to think about.

Neal 28:30
Well what would it what would it be? Would it be because she doesn't she just doesn't want his plan to succeed because then she won't have anything to let go.

Corey 28:37
She runs out of road.

Neal 28:38
Yeah, she's not gonna have anything to go to Shao Kahn with.

Corey 28:40
Right? Yeah, she needs She needs an opportunity.

Neal 28:44
That's true. I think you're onto something there.

Corey 28:48
Much to consider.

Neal 28:48
Do you think Bruce Locke would marry me?

Corey 28:52
Again, not totally sure what his situation is right now but I don't want to rule either them out.

Neal 28:56

Corey 28:58
You know?

Neal 28:59
Sure. Listeners write in with what you think '' Let me know if you think Bruce Locke will marry me

Neal 29:15
damn straight Taja

Corey 29:17
he's got fucked up Quentin Tarantino feet.

Neal 29:18
This is a weird Yeah, bro. Well, no, if it was Tarantino it would be Taja's feet. Right? She'd be the barefoot one

Corey 29:37
your friend could be dead. You live in a lawless land.

Neal 29:40
Yeah, bro.

Corey 29:43
Finally, people can walk around. We haven't seen tons of shots of people walking around.

Neal 29:53
I want to keep an eye out in here. It's not the guy who answers the door but I think that there's a Chris Cassamassa imposter Like it's not him, but it's someone who's supposed to look kinda like him. It's not this guy.

Corey 30:06
No, that's that's like an accountant. Yeah,

Neal 30:08
this is like this is the Barons secret son. Right? Like that Jen doesn't know

Corey 30:17
Can you imagine if your dead to girlfriend's dead dad was suddenly ALIVE and He took your house

Neal 30:24
It would be the fucking worst. Yeah, that

Corey 30:26
would not be good.

Neal 30:28
But there she is everyone Jennifer Renton as Geneviere. Back again. Halfway through the series, they brought her back

Corey 30:38
just something very funny about his tendency to get baited and his just refusal to think critically about this for the next I don't know 20 minutes.

Neal 30:48
Yeah, it's just

Corey 30:52
it's just like dude,

Neal 30:53
or future episodes. Also he will continue to just

Corey 30:58
right but just like specifically with this, it's like you know that jet is not right. Like a king and this is your house and this is not what it looks like.

Neal 31:04
Like you watched her die. Like, you know, this isn't he just but he wants to believe it. Right.

Neal 31:11
Okay. Fatality. There's another one

Corey 31:15

Corey 31:17
THE shot. It's the shot of Quan Chi.

Neal 31:21
It is Quan Chi lurkin.

Neal 31:25
Dude in mines...

Corey 31:25

Neal 31:29
Souls sucked. In front soul sucked while Quan Chi watched.

Corey 31:42
Show me how to suck souls

Neal 31:49
I like that the deal is

Corey 31:53
How is this not distracting? But Vorpax can't walk into a room?

Neal 31:59
Well he's recharg- He's on a recharge break. Right? Like I don't know. I don't fucking know. Dude, he's just a dick to to Vorpax

Corey 32:09
True. eyelashes go insane. Look how long they are! It's insane.

Neal 32:17
Yeah. I like that the deal is Quan Chi is like, Alright, I'm gonna help you with this, but you're gonna teach me how to steal souls. And then Shang Tsung is just gonna spell so I get Kung Lao Sol and then Shang Tsung is gonna spend the entitlement yet we totally have a deal. Later, later, later, like he's just gonna keep blowing them off. Yeah. And it's like, it fucking works. Yeah, it's

Corey 32:38
like an annoying coworker that you have to like, see a lot. So you just sort of go like, yeah, man.

Neal 32:42
I know, man. We'll catch

Corey 32:44
we'll hangout.

Neal 32:45
Let's do lunch. Let's do lunch next week.

Corey 32:47
I'd love to put on my nicest suit and go see minions the rise of Gru in theaters.

Neal 32:52
Right. That's did that happen?

Neal 32:55
Oh, fuck the Baron.

Corey 32:58
There's something there's something very fun to me about the fact that he's got that like collar chain on and also like, like a garter.

Neal 33:09
It's like It's like it's just like a linedancin' and belt on.

Corey 33:12
It's a wild fit. It's

Neal 33:14
a big western belt looking thing.

Corey 33:17

Neal 33:20
but he's much nicer than he was in real life. So there's that, right?

Corey 33:25
Siro is really showing the worst possible tendencies here. Yeah, just as a person to be like I'm gonna milk this for all it could possibly be worth

Neal 33:37
this is this is bottom tier Siro for sure. Like how long is the bet for? 24 hours?

Corey 33:47
Too long. this whole episode.

Neal 33:50
Is it forever? Like it's the bet for forever?

Corey 33:54
It's a risky bet. Would Siro get bored do think? you can only really do that for so long

Neal 33:59
Siro would get he would have absolutely get bored like after his third rum cake. He'd be like nah I'm gonna go do something else.

Corey 34:09
I like how high concept this episode is

Neal 34:12
Well but but is it the lessly high concept? Because

Corey 34:16
Oh yeah.

Neal 34:17
because Kung Lao is just in this other pocket dimension now, right? Can't they now just cut off cut off access to it and be done with him?

Corey 34:25
Sure. But that's not good television.

Neal 34:27
But, bu it's a good plan if you're trying to get rid of Kung Lao,

Corey 34:32
um, you know, they have to get his soul though. They don't just want to kill him. They need to get his soul.

Neal 34:36
Look, I know the people who are acting in the TV show know it a TV show, but the characters that are playing typically don't understand that they're in a TV show. Right?

Corey 34:45
Yeah, I honestly think that aren't really given later in the episode like there was an arbitrary time constraint that he needed to have been that be in there X amount of time before they could do something like that anyway, so they needed to convince him. It's just long enough that he's like, actually, this is a crock of shit

Neal 35:00
he needed to choose to stay or some like matrix nonsense like that right he needed yeah he needed to get blue pill.

Corey 35:06
Red Pill blue pill Morpheus walruses?

Neal 35:08
Yeah, exactly.

Corey 35:10

Neal 35:11
It must be that

Corey 35:12
It's something like that if I recall correctly

Baron Reyland 35:15
brought back here together to make things right.

Neal 35:20
Keep an eye out for the special effects

Neal 35:25
Whoah shit. It is good

Kung Lao 35:31
All I have to do is stay

Baron Reyland 35:36
Pick a path

Neal 35:40
shout out to Paul who Corey is just talking to while we record this podcast.

Corey 35:44
Oh, God forbid I send one reply

Neal 35:47
just fuckin' around. Paul is gonna hear that and be like," which one was it?" I don't even Paul probably doesn't even listen anymore. He's tired of it.

Corey 35:57
But so much of this is for Paul.

Neal 35:59
Paul, uh - do you, write in and let me know if you think Tracy Douglas or Bruce Locke would marry me

Corey 36:07
this is a cool shot of this set. We don't see this angle much.

Neal 36:09
Yeah, I like this a lot.

Corey 36:11
The wide

Neal 36:12
Yeah, that's about the only this is clearly green screen though. This is that was so bad.

Corey 36:18
Was it I didn't I - too bad I can't rewind. This is a commentary. That was

Neal 36:22
really Yeah. With the at least the the superimposing of the bong

Corey 36:29
Quan Chi is superimposing

Neal 36:32
Hey, yo, let me go back two pages. *rimshot* There it is.

Corey 36:38
You juat need, more buttons.

Neal 36:45
sad trombone was on time for me being late with the rim shots.

Quan Chi 36:50
You're playing a deadly game Shang Tsung one you can't win.

Vorpax 36:54
Looks like he already has

Corey 36:56
I like how these guys. Just can't get along for like two days.

Neal 37:01
Not at all. Boom! Qwanchy through the floor.

Corey 37:05
You will you will both get exactly what you want. If you can get along for literally two days

Neal 37:10
Yeah, but they can't. They can't do it.

Corey 37:13
Because Men, am I right?

Neal 37:16
You are right

Corey 37:18

Neal 37:19
I mean, it's not that funny. It's more sad than anything

Corey 37:22
Yeah but it's like like it's funny in the way that like it's uh, it's funny

Neal 37:30
Never changes. It's predictable and always

Corey 37:33
said it's funny in the way that war never changes.

Neal 37:36
I want a cigarette.

Neal 37:39
Commercial, Paul

Neal 37:40
smoke break, Paul. I'll be right back

Corey 37:42
Oh, this is one of the but this is one of the bumpers that shows a preview.

Neal 37:46
That's the guy who

Corey 37:47
It's also really long. Commercial's over

Neal 37:48
and the guy were featured heavily in it that wasn't Kung Lao is the Chris Cassamassa knockoff. I wonder if I can find a name for him. And I keep saying Chris Cassamassa. It's Takeda. Like if someone clearly like supposed to look like Takeda. Right.

Corey 38:01

Neal 38:01
But isn't Takeda

Corey 38:05
and Taja's like l'm not be bullied anymore. So something must be wrong.

Neal 38:09
Shits- Yeah.

Taja 38:13
acting very weird. Now this Something is definitely wrong. What are we gonna do?

Neal 38:18
vendor young girl... none of them are listed. No, none of the like the guards are listed.

Corey 38:26
The clock. Yeah, they have to get through all the sand coming down and then Kung Lao is trapped in the sand dimension.

Neal 38:33
Okay, so you have to let the thing but you can't like shake it and like, you know, make it go faster. Right

Corey 38:39
Xmas gifts through the bruh dimension.

Corey 38:44
I'm quotingvideo, so if anybody listening to this knows what I'm quoting, you just laughed really hard. And it means absolutely nothing. So Quan Chi is here

Neal 38:54
Yeah, Quan Chi is at the trading post. He's going to fight

Corey 38:56
this is the most is this some of the most direct light we've seen the makeup in yet?

Neal 39:00
I think so. Yeah.

Corey 39:01
brightly lit.

Neal 39:02

Corey 39:03
We'll look at that fucking coat work.

Neal 39:05
It was he's dude's a magician.

Corey 39:08
Shawl work? Yes. So fucking great.

Neal 39:11
There's a good fight. It's fun. Again, Quan Chi not wearing his spikes in a battle. You know?

Corey 39:17
It's a hindrance.

Neal 39:18
This has a weird edit at the end of the fight to where he puts his cloak back on. Just keep an eye out for it because it's just weird.

Corey 39:26
He's got sick incredible spin moves. Also, it is funny how Quan Chi is instantly like, Okay, I'm gonna help Kung Lao fuck you. Right like he's like fine. This is now about spite toward Shang Tsung rather than, again, any mutual goal

Neal 39:40
right here that weird twist and now boom. cloak back on green magic. Very weird.

Neal 39:54
But it's I mean, it makes some sense because

Corey 39:55
shit. We've been frozen by the green magic again.

Neal 39:58
He doesn't want he doesn't Want Shang Tsung to get Kung Lao's soul, then he'll never be able to get it right. So

Corey 40:05
yeah. And he's like, this is about the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Neal 40:09
Right? And Quan Chi is not an ally of the emperor of Outworld or anything, right? He's,

Corey 40:14
he's just a dude.

Neal 40:15
He's just another player. So it kind of makes sense

Corey 40:20
Don't hate the player

Neal 40:21
right? I mean, it's like how we used to work with al Qaeda.

Corey 40:26
It is funny how nothing about al Qaeda is funny. But what is funny, is that like, the reason this illusion breaks is that he the dad is too nice, right? Like, it's an uncomfortable level of niceness that tipped him off, and he was just a normal guy instead of an asshole. This could have worked

Neal 40:48
if Baron Reyland Just like wasn't so super okay with Kung Lao, like banging his daughter, right. Just had a little bit of like,

Corey 40:57
he's a little too fine with it.

Neal 40:58
Like, yeah.Like if he didn't want to be in the room when it happened, right?

Corey 41:04
Yeah, but but the actor whose name escapes me is really going off.

Neal 41:09
John Reilly. Passed away I think last year. Rest- yeah in 2021 Rest in peace John Reilly.

Corey 41:19
Good stuff here.

Neal 41:20
Voiced Clint Barton slash Hawkeye on the Iron Man cartoon in the 90s and did 316 episodes of General Hospital holy shit dude,

Corey 41:32
how many?

Neal 41:33
316 episodes of General Hospital as Sean Donnelly.

Corey 41:38
Man, those soap opera resumes are nuts.

Neal 41:41
108 episodes of Passions one episode of Days of Our Lives

Neal 41:48
best one.

Neal 41:50
Yeah. Pacific Palisades Beverly Hills 90210. Dude was in a lot a lot of stuff man.

Neal 42:04
Good portal effects this talking green skull

Corey 42:07
This skull is like one of the funniest things

Neal 42:09
Yeah it's like kind of talking but not really.

Corey 42:11
Nah. Like it's very much that kind of skull. You know what I mean? Yeah.

Neal 42:22
How is how does Shang Tsung know that this happened? I guess he just felt them enter.

Corey 42:29
He just felt the vibes just felt the vibes. The vibe shift.

Neal 42:35
Vorpax I have detected a vibe shift.

Corey 42:40
I don't know why he's talking like this still. Dude look at fucking Paolo Montalban's giant arm!.

Neal 42:46
I know. Do you think Paolo Montalban would marry me?

Corey 42:53
Again I hate to say it I don't know what his situation is currently but I mean, you know, you gotta believe in your dreams.

Neal 42:59
What about Jennifer Renton?

Corey 43:00
My answer remains the same I regret to inform you

Neal 43:03
listeners right in et cetera. Tweet at itsPaoloMontalban ask if he'll marry me

Corey 43:09
Commercial Paul. Wait I just noticed this bumper is just a continuation of the last bumper. has it ever happened?

Neal 43:14
No, I think it's no this is the first time

Corey 43:17
Commercial's over. Lots of purple light in this one.

Corey 43:21
Purple light is my favorite Prince song

Neal 43:22
Look at that fucking tiger dude! Siro petting a tigerrrrr

Neal 43:30
Siro pets a tiger is my favorite Prince song

Corey 43:41
just That's just funny.

Corey 43:42

Corey 43:43
you've just said something funny. That's all

Neal 43:46
like 45 seconds. But I'll take it take it just fucking take it

Corey 43:52
how grim is it? That the idea of just being able to have something is the thing that tips everybody off to this could not possibly be reality

Neal 43:59
Well they grew up in the Baron's Zhu Zin

Corey 44:02
She told me I can just have stuff I want?

Neal 44:06
this, I can just pet this tiger for free? Are you kidding me?

Corey 44:09
They're just given away food?

Neal 44:11
This should cost hundreds of dollars to pet this tiger where I'm from

Neal 44:22
Kung Lao's having a hell of a time. What is the illusion does all for them like right away?

Corey 44:29
Because they uh they have spite

Neal 44:35
Does it? Does it do that when someone like bumps the table that the hourglass is on do you think?

Corey 44:40
Yeah 100% I honestly think like they are just less invested. Like the Gen effect is just not a factor here. Right. So like Paolo Montalban, aka Kung Lao

Neal 44:51
As Kung Lao

Corey 44:52
Yeah, as the titular Kung Lao sort of, you know, had immediate buy in whereas they're like, Nah, I already didn't like this

Neal 44:59
Right, Siro is like I mean, I like tigers, but I don't like tigers that much. This isn't enough of a selling point for me. And Taja just like I like stealing, but it's really the thrill of the taking. So when it's just being given to me, I don't know, man, right? It's too good to be true and both of those cases

Neal 45:30
oh boy, my audio is out of sync with the video.

Corey 45:32
How did that happen?

Neal 45:33
I don't fucking know. This is the second time it's happened.

Corey 45:36

Neal 45:37
gotta find a new system.

Corey 45:39
I like how this moment is like, they're like, Kung Lao is like, No, this is true. No, I'm willing to literally destroy the Earth.

Neal 45:49
Yeah. So you're just stabbed gem.

Corey 45:53
Portal blood. She didn't even react. I like how it literally takes a murder. For Paolo, I keep saying Paolo Montalban

Neal 46:05
Paolo Montalban as Kung Lao. To realize something fishy is going on here.

Corey 46:10
I believe Daniel Bernhardt as Siro just stabbed Jennifer Renton as Jen

Neal 46:15
as Geneviere Yeah, it's fucking wild. Quick push past John Reilly as Baron Reyland And let's get out of here!

Corey 46:23
Let's go talk to you. Adoni Maropis as Quan Chi and tell him that we escaped. Bruce Locke as Shang Tsung

Neal 46:29
and Tracy Douglas as Vorpax.

Neal 46:32
This is the guy this is what the slicked back hair. I think this is a knockoff Takeda. Like, I'm sorry, dude, for calling you just a knockoff Takeda. But

Corey 46:40
yeah, that's not your fault. That's just how you were cast.

Neal 46:44
That's what they were. I think that's what they were going for. To like sell the illusion a little bit. Right. Like, I think that that kind of would have been a fun twist, like, Chris Cassamassa had just been back as Takeda to like, help sell the illusion because they were friends, you know?

Corey 47:01
I did know that actually. Yeah.

Neal 47:03
That would have been cool.

Corey 47:04
Because they were friends you know? Also why is the light different here that it wasn't the bumper bumper had that purple light again as well but here it's green.

Neal 47:13
I think they ran

Corey 47:14
a yellowy green

Neal 47:16
I think they ran

Corey 47:16
just ran the bumpers through all the same filter

Neal 47:18
they did some color grading in DaVinci Resolve

Neal 47:27
there's a pretty fun fight. This is the one -

Corey 47:29
I like the big green portal wall

Neal 47:31
I think we might have talked over this is the one where you could see the guy in the background getting ready to jump up and grab the doorway like as part of the fight is happening yeah,

Corey 47:40
well the doorway grabs in the in the in the bumper.

Neal 47:44

Neal 47:45
Boom pair.

Neal 47:48
Run Kung Lao. Again, empty city. Right. Everyone's gone. The illusion is breaking down

Corey 47:59
this is fun light as well. They're just having a really good time with the lighting.

Neal 48:03
Is a good episode dude.

Corey 48:05
Yeah, they're having fun here.

Neal 48:06
Nine and 10 back to back you get everything you'd ever want. Right?

Corey 48:10
They really just sort of swing hard

Corey 48:14

Corey 48:18
it is just the slow motion running with the regular motion pointing

Neal 48:21
and then oh,

Genivere 48:23
Your're mine forever fine.

Corey 48:26
She just like appears

Neal 48:28
Yeah. Don't even in front of him to block him like behind him to drag him away.

Corey 48:34
I'm here to be the bad guy.

Neal 48:37
I'm here to

Corey 48:38
Like the titular hit song-

Neal 48:41
If you stay in this realm with me I'll let you do all the stuff I wouldn't let you do in the real er real world. He's like no dice. Right?

Corey 48:55
Why does he have to run back to the portal again with just like as from as far away? He like read back he's like, I gotta get a really good run at this

Corey 49:06
Shang Tsung is the sweatiest man who's ever lived. And Kung Lao was like I need to just run he's because he needed to jump like that.

Neal 49:14
Boom. He made it! I really like that the portal was green because it was a Quan Chi portal. Versus like the purple that we usually see.

Corey 49:22
Yeah. laughs evil. The closed caption to say laughs evilly

Neal 49:30
Mine said evil laughing That's wild. Dude, White must be differences in Canadian, North American subtitle

Corey 49:37
Damn theyve got a camel real world? What happens to the Tigers in from fake world.

Neal 49:42
Can you pet it? Can you pet it? Do you think it just really just turned into the tiger? Like this is like a different part of the city even though that they're in?

Corey 49:53
Yeah, they're like the big part. Yeah, that was a stupid sentence but you know what I mean?

Neal 49:57
Yeah they're at the gates not the not the bazaar.

Neal 50:04
you can just he's looks disappointed like this fuck them all up

Corey 50:15
And Rayden's just like Yes, I was right again.

Neal 50:19
I'm always right.

Corey 50:20
Got your ass, Kung Lao!

Corey 50:22
I fucking told your ass that's what Rayden says those are his lines. If you're not watching the episode Those are his lines

Neal 50:28

Corey 50:29
If you're just listening to this or that watch the episode like some kind of psycho.

Neal 50:33
what's your what's your deal, man?

Corey 50:36
What's your major malfunction?

Neal 50:37
I think I think Dave who we know for sure watches along. Shout out to Dave for being a real one

Corey 50:45
Power to you, dude

Neal 50:46
get the fuck out of the way. dorks that lady said.

Corey 50:49
Siro is like finally I'm back in reality, women hate me.

Neal 50:54
I'm gonna go harass her. Time's up. Oh, shit. Get it? Time's up. Okay.

Corey 51:07

Corey 51:07
because of the hourglass.

Corey 51:08
Yeah, right. of course, yeah yeah yeah.

Neal 51:12
Right. It was a joke.

Corey 51:14
I like how Kung Lao was up front. Like no, I would have stayed 100% I

Neal 51:17
Oh, yeah. He's like, Are you kidding?

Corey 51:18
I would have forsaken the Earth.

Neal 51:20
He's like, I just spent 24 hours in bed with Jen like I would- what are you joking? Like? Everything was colorful and the food wasn't rotten. And there were tigers to pet like I would have fucking stayed.

Corey 51:35
Yeah, Rayden is still very much in dad mode here

Neal 51:42
Yeah he's a dork.

Corey 51:44
Commercial. More commercials than usual here. Why do I feel like there's more commercials than usual?

Neal 51:49
I think there's usually three ish

Neal 51:51
this is four?

Neal 51:53
Well, there might be one more than usual. Then,

Neal 51:55
Commercial's over, we were a little late.

Neal 51:57
Yeah, Kung Lao again sitting in Jen's room like he loading but he's facing the bed as opposed to facing out into the room like he was at the beginning of the episode seats. This book ends right

Corey 52:09
Yeah, he definitely does need to like it's tough because you don't want to just say get over it but it's like you got to do a little you got to get out and kind of put yourself out there my guy.

Neal 52:19
Go get some strange man. Right?

Corey 52:23
that's what that that's what the clock is for.

Neal 52:28
And here's Siann now in the throne room, the Emperor's throne room. We haven't seen Shao Kahn

Neal 52:34
Cool angle cool angle on the throne room.

Neal 52:36
Yeah, dude I've missed Jeff Meek as Shang Tsung like we haven't seen him in a few weeks Yeah. The throne is fucking rad too like I don't think I've made a big enough deal about that

Neal 53:02
has made a powerful ally today. So now Quan Chi's selling himself to Shao Kahn.

Corey 53:09
Ally I just met ly I don't know.

Neal 53:11
Hey, yo, *rimshot*

Corey 53:13
none of this none of these are jokes.

Neal 53:16
Oh. *rimshot gunshot*. That better?

Corey 53:19
We need to reverse reverse shot for when something wasn't a joke.

Neal 53:22
I'll see if I can do that. It was gonna be the only button we need though.

Corey 53:29
Daamn. Fuuck.

Neal 53:30
I don't like this. How creepy Shao Kahn is literally like turn around so I can see about if I want to fuck you or not, Siann.

Corey 53:38
Yeah, he's up to some shit for sure.

Neal 53:39
And now Shang Tsung is being dragged before him. And tortured episode over

Neal 53:57
pretty good one. I liked this one was a good one

Corey 53:59
yeah, this one's a good time.

Neal 54:00
It's fun. I like that we get two good Quan Chi back to back to backs. Right? Well, just back to backs, I guess. Because like once they got them once they got Adoni Maropis In that, like, costume and makeup. They were like well, we got to take full advantage of this like, yeah, so of course this took five and a half hours you know? But I dug it.

Corey 54:25
Yeah, this is a good one. And the fact that those episodes go together is definitely like pretty, pretty gnarly.

Neal 54:30
Yeah, you should just put those two on back to back that'll be your

Corey 54:32
What a run

Neal 54:33
your your movie. Right? It'd be like a movie dude. I don't know what I'm talking about. I gotta I gotta I think I'm personally ready to get out of here honestly

Corey 54:44
We're wrapping it up? We're done? Good episode everybody could Good talk.

Neal 54:48
Good episode. Is- are we a little bit on the fence about what's happening next week because you got that thing you're doing?

Corey 54:52
Uh we'll figure it out.

Neal 54:56
Should be, should be Mortal Kombat Battlewave issues four through six coming up next. Might,

Corey 55:03
that should still be doable. We just, we've got some logistics to iron out.

Neal 55:08
Sure. We'll iron those out. I've also got a befrienders of the realm with Yasin from the Kombat Time Podcast coming out soon.

Corey 55:17
Kombat Time! Sorry, I haven't had to say that in a while.

Neal 55:20
Oh well just wait until we do the Defenders of the Realm commentaries.

Corey 55:24
Oh my God literally, literally would sooner just like die.

Neal 55:29
Yeah I'm not we're not gonna do that sorry.

Corey 55:31
I would rather start smoking cigarettes

Neal 55:35
fuck you

Neal 55:39
think we should get out of here? Corey What do you got going on Big day today? Big day of this recording today?

Corey 55:48
Yeah this is my second podcast of the day if you want to hear me keep talking about f1 Like I was earlier and my dear son Carlos Sainz. You can listen to Strat2 @STRAT2F1 on Twitter strat, like the short form of the word strategy. It is an f1 podcast I do with my friend Callum we talked about the British Grand Prix that just happened. It was fucking insane. So if you want to check that out, that's where that is. If you want to hear me talking about movie sequel reboots and remakes and whatnot. That's "They Made Another One?!" with our friends Liam and Mitch. Neal's been on there a few times if you want to go find him that's @THEYMADEANOTHER on Twitter, "They Made Another One?!" on all your podcast services. And I'm on Twitter @MRCOREYPRICE. Neal has never been on there. I don't think

Neal 55:54
on your Twitter?

Corey 56:01
Like logged in.

Neal 56:17
No I've never been on your live never been logged into your Twitter. No.

Corey 56:35
Yeah. Okay. I didn't think so yet. Okay, should I change my passwords or if you want as the ship sailed on that or?

Neal 56:43
No, I

Corey 56:44
has the clock tick down to zero on that the funny clock.

Neal 56:47
Yeah, it has.

Corey 56:48
Hmm, that's not good for me.

Neal 56:50
You can find me on Twitter @FINALNEAL. Follow me on Instagram @FINALNEALRETRO. I do another podcast all about the Alien franchise. The movies, comics, novels, video games, etc.

Corey 57:05
If you though Neal was gonna stop at 'movie' you have not been listening.

Neal 57:09
Boy, that's- we're- anything. Anything in the Alien franchise we can get our hands on with a little bit of predator sprinkled in there where applicable, with the one exception of me trying to convince Kenny to just start letting us cover the Archie vs Predator comics right now. Find that on Twitter @CREWEXPENDAPOD or CREWEXPENDABLE.NET to subscribe. All the podcast links are there whatever all the services were on all of them crew expendable in your podcast app,

Neal 57:38
follow this show on Twitter and Instagram MKPODQUEST. MKPODQUEST.COM, Find links to our YouTube channel. All of the places you can find this show on all the podcast apps, et cetera. KO-FI.COM/MKPODQUEST if you want to show us some love by sending us a few dollars, but again, there are better places to spend your money right now. So do that. And we'll be back next week to talk about more comic books. I guess. Probably. We'll see.

Corey 58:10
Yeah, probably.

Neal 58:11
We're just talking about the f1 race on this show next week.

Corey 58:15
There is one next week.

Neal 58:16
There's another race. It could also BNF one podcast.

Corey 58:19
I'm gonna miss it. Because of my other thing.

Neal 58:24
Ah, damn it. Damn it.

Corey 58:26
Well, I mean, I just won't see it live, which is a drag.

Neal 58:30
What are you gonna do?

Corey 58:32

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