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MK Unpausequest

A status update from the boys! Find our other podcast at

Book Of Swords [With Dominic]

Dominic Hart (Twitter: @domxhart | joins The Boys to talk about a bewildering and nearly impossible to find 1996 Martial Arts film starring Ho-S...

Mortal Kombat: The Album

We're going track by track through the 1994 Mortal Kombat album produced by The Immortals, aka The Lords of Acid. Will any of these tracks reach the unforgettable high...

Mortal Kombat: Live Tour (And The Mortal Kombat CD-Rom)

The boys are BACK with their first LIVE episode (Live to our discord server to an audience of 4) to talk about hreshold Entertainment's Mortal Kombat: Live Tour and Th...

The 'Mortal Kombat' ReBoot

Mortal Kombat is no stranger to reboots, but on this episode we're talking about a very specific 'Mortal Kombat' ReBoot. Also apparently Corey doesn't think skeletons ...

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