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Conquest Commentary 19: Flawed Victory

Quan Chi vs Shang Tsung

Conquest Commentary 18: In Kold Blood

Lots of Reptile men in this one

Sonic Christmas Blast

The One with the Chicken Robot

MK Comics: Baraka (With Dominic and Paul from Australia)

Who's old m8?

Conquest Commentary 17: The Master

It's the Shang Tsung origin episode

MK Comics: Kitana & Mileena (With Jeff from Oscar Buzzkills)

Worth the wait.

FTA: Festival of Death [Halloween Edition]

Folks, Neal needed the week off for work and travel, so here's a re-release of our 'Festival of Death' discussion episode, REMIXED with spooky sound effects and creepy...

Conquest Commentary 16: Kreeya

Kreeya is here!

Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind (Spoilers!)

We spoil all of the cool stuff that happens in the new Mortal Kombat Legends animated movie

Conquest Commentary 15: The Serpent And The Ice

Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion. Whoever wins, we lose.

MK Comics: Kung Lao (With Yasin from Kombat Time!)

Malibu Comics is at it again

Conquest Commentary 14: Festival of Death

It's the spooky one

WMAC Masters

'nuff said

Conquest Commentary **: Twisted Truths

It's the Bryan "Wrath" Clark one!

The Virtua Fighter Comic (Neal's Birthday Bash)

We read a Virtua Fighter comic because it's Neal's birthday

Conquest Commentary 12: Shadow Of A Doubt

It's the Mileena one

Street Fighter: The Malibu Comics

Street Fightpod returns!

Conquest Commentary 11: Thicker Than Blood

It's the one with Eva Mendes in it.

Crew Expendable BONUS: Archie Vs. Predator

Enjoy this BONUS episode of Neal's other podcast - Crew Expendable

Befrienders of the Realm: Yasin from Kombat Time

The final Kombat Time Kamidogu

MK Comics: Battlewave 4-6

You'd think a story about Sonya Blade marrying Shao Kahn would be interesting.

The Komplete Blood & Thunder!

An epic mash-up of our run through the first 'season' of Malibu's Mortal Kombat comics

Conquest Commentary 10: Unholy Alliance

It's the team-up you never thought you'd see: Corey and Neal! Together, they discuss the team-up you never though you'd see: Shang Tsung and Quan Chi!

MK Comics: Rayden And Kano

It's the team-up you never thought you'd see: Neal and Corey. Together they join forces to read Mortal Kombat: Rayden and Kano from Malibu Comics!

Commentary: Mortal Kombat Conquest Episode 9 - QUAN CHI

It's the Quan Chi episode so you know it's good

MK Comics: Battlewave 1-3

The Boys fight their way through Mortal Kombat: Battlewave from Malibu Comics!

Commentary: Mortal Kombat Conquest - Undying Dream

It only took 8 episodes but Taja finally gets to do something in Mortal Kombat Conquest

BONUS Befrienders of the Realm: Josh from Kombat Time

Neal talks with Josh from @KombatTimePod about the Mortal Kombat movie, the Game Gear, and Gamera

Befrienders of the Realm: Jae from Kombat Time

BEFRIENDERS OF THE REALM KONTINUES! Corey has been without power for an entire week so Neal got on the mic with Jae from the Kombat Time Podcast to talk Mortal Kombat...

MK Comics: U.S. Special Forces

This week we hopped into the MK Podquest Battle Van and took a drive through the Malibu Comics 2 issue mini-series Mortal Kombat: U.S. Special Forces. It's a bad G.I. ...

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